Fundația Y4I angajează Project Manager and Internal Operations

Youth 4 Innovation – Foundation for Youth Development and Innovation is working in the fields of Youth in Education, Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship, and Youth in Civil Society. The foundation started its activity in 2016 by implementing an innovative IT education programme, Academy+.

Position Mission:

Ensuring the coordination of projects funded by local and international organizations by developing strategies to identify funding opportunities, completing and generating written content for application forms and implementing projects to meet the organization’s objectives and providing benefits to the young entrepreneurs community in Moldova.

Expected position results:

  • Develop and implement implementation strategy for local and international grant programs;
  • Monitoring the timely organization and deployment of activities on the project agenda;
  • Ensure communication with project financiers, partners and speakers and comply with contractual obligations arising from funding agreements;
  • Managing project budgets in accordance with applicable internal procedures and funding conditions;
  • Keeping stakeholders informed and informed about project progress;
  • Administration of the organization’s internal operations and management of accounting processes in co-operation with the organization’s accounting.

Competencies required for this position:

  • Project management – ability to coordinate organizational aspects of all project activities, assuming responsibilities and resolving problems;
  • Planning and organization – the ability to draw up and follow action plans, punctuality, accuracy and accountability;
  • Persistence and result orientation – ability to overcome failures and maintain motivation, to follow established goals regardless of process hindrances, order and discipline, resistance to effort and stress.
  • Communication – ability to speak fluently, interactively and resolutely, to present arguments and to be flexible in the discussion.

Organizational skills:

  • Innovation – ability to find unnecessary solutions to problems;
  • Coordination and teamwork – the ability to effectively coordinate the organization’s management team, to be empathetic to the people they work with.
  • Integrity and transparency – the lack of any attempt to hide or attempt to obtain undeserved and corrupt benefits.

Additional requirements:

  • Experience in the field;
  • Knowledge of English.

Failure to perform the above-mentioned tasks / duties / competencies / obligations or misconduct is a disciplinary offense and is sanctioned by law.

Interested persons are invited to send their resume to the Human Resources Department at, specifying the Project Manager and Internal Operations.

Only the selected people will be contacted for an interview.